Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

 Our prime objective is to assist our clients in obtaining a quality constructed project that both satisfies the project plans and specifications.

Our construction materials testing laboratory was established in 2008 as a professional testing laboratory with qualified engineers and technicians, which is accredited and certified by ISO/IEC-17025.

All the apparatus and equipment used for testing are purchased from well-known international companies like AIMIL-ELE-Control.

We offer a wide range of laboratory testing services including but not limited to geotechnical tests like; Direct Shear Testing, Consolidation Testing, Unconfined Compression Test, Permeability Testing, Rock Testing and as well as many other tests for soil and other construction materials with competitive prices.

Areas Covered

  • Concrete Testing
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Grout and Mortars Testing
  • Concrete Mix Designs
  • Construction Quality Inspections
  • In-situ Quality Control (QC) during Construction Phase