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Water Well Drilling
PYRAMID Geo-Engineering & Construction Ltd. is one of the largest water well drilling contractors in Afghanistan. A fleet of 4 drill rigs of varyi
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Geotechnical Investigations
 Geotechnical engineering is a difficult task and needs professional staff and experience; our geotechnical engineering services are professional
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Construction Materials Testing
  Our prime objective is to assist our clients in obtaining a quality constructed project that both satisfies the project plans and specification
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Drilling Equipment & Well Materials
1- Black Steel Casings 6", 8" and 10" inches diameter 2- 304 Stainless steel wire-wrapped Johnson screens 3- PVC Casing and
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Topographical Survey
Part of our activities are Topographic Surveying/Mapping, leveling and implementation of grading/drainage plan.  Pyramid Geo-Engineering &
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Our Location Map
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