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Geotechnical Investigations

 Geotechnical engineering is a difficult task and needs professional staff and experience; our geotechnical engineering services are professional and prices competitive, that appeals all the class and sections.

 Reports with detailed information are supplied to assist and support engineering, design and construction decisions relating to ground improvement, foundation design, bearing capacity assessment, road pavement design, sub grade characteristics, compaction control of soil, bituminous and associated materials testing.


Areas Covered:

~       Geotechnical Drillings in alluvial grounds and rocks

~       Geotechnical Investigation for buildings, industrial development, dams, highways, tunnels and bridges

~       Geotechnical Investigation for ports construction

~       In situ testing for soil and rock mechanics investigations

~       Geotechnical consulting

~       Design for slope stability and support

~       Geophysical investigations and cross-hole testing

~       Rock slope stability and support

~       Advanced Soil Testing Laboratory

~       Rock Testing Capability