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This Department within our company provides Topography / Topographical Mapping, Leveling and Implementation of Grading and Drainage Planing at any location of Afghanistan.

Pyramid Geo-Engineering & Construction Company is equipped with best technology of Surveying Instruments, and professional Survey engineering teams.


 Pyramid survey activities include:


• GPS Service.


• Site Assessments

• Topographic Survey

• Leveling Survey

• Cadastral Survey

• AS Build Survey Plant& Facility

• Measured Building Survey Setauket




Pyramid’s implementation of site grading plan activities include:


·         Requirements for Successful Implementation



·         Obstacles to Implementation



·         Implementation Strategies



·         Planning and Surveying Requirements



·         The Grading Phase



·         Fill Construction and Compaction Control



·         Construction of Valley or “Daylight” Fills



·         Slope-Drainage Devices



·         Revegetation



·         The Application of Water on the Slope Face through Irrigation



·         Placement of Rocks and Boulders



·         Cost Considerations and Analyses


Pyramid has professional engineering teams and experts who can work in all Afghanistan provinces for the topographic surveying/mapping, leveling, stakeout of coordinates, and implementation of grading/drainage plan and slopping of the area which include:

• Implementation of professional grading plan in accordance to grading, drainage plan for estimated volume of cutting and filling

• Implementation of site sloping in accordance to the standard design for the project site.